2018 Kindergarten Soccer Schedule

date team time field
8-Sep A V B 11:00
8-Sep C V D 11:00
15-Sep C V A 11:00
15-Sep B V D 11:00
22-Sep A V D 11:00
22-Sep B V C 11:00
29-Sep A V B 11:00
29-Sep C V D 11:00
6-Oct Bye Week - No games
13-Oct C V A 11:00
13-Oct D V B 11:00
20-Oct D V A 11:00
20-Oct C V B 11:00
27-Oct B V A 11:00
27-Oct D V C 11:00
3-Nov A V C 11:00
3-Nov B V D 11:00
10-Nov B V C 11:00
10-Nov A V D 11:00

Homecoming Parade September  29th. If you would like to march please meet at the firehouse at 8:45am in uniform.

November 10th is awards will be given out after last game

For additional information contact Cookie at (631)878-1696.


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    First team listed is HOME team. Home team wears white shirts.

  • Rules

    1. 9 minutes per quarter (four quarters per game)
    2. 4 v 4, substitute every 3 minutes
    3. Use a #3 ball
    4. No throw-ins (kick-in instead)
    5. No offsides
    6. All fouls are indirect kicks
    7. Use corner kicks
    8. Shin guards are mandatory
    9. No sliding tackles allowed
    10. All players get equal playing time!