2016 Kindergarten Soccer Schedule

team coach
A Letticia
B Sean
C Tim G
D Brian
E Richie and Liam

date team time field
17-Sep A v B 11:00
17-Sep E V D 11:00
17-Sep C BYE
24-Sep C V A 11:00
24-Sep B V E 11:00
24-Sep D BYE
1-Oct D V A 11:00
1-Oct E V C 11:00
1-Oct B BYE
8-Oct No Games BYE
15-Oct C V A 11:00
15-Oct D V B 11:00
15-Oct E BYE
22-Oct B V C 11:00
22-Oct D V E 11:00
22-Oct A BYE
29-Oct B V A 11:00
29-Oct C V D 11:00
29-Oct E BYE
5-Nov A V C 11:00
5-Nov B V E 11:00
5-Nov D BYE
12-Nov D V A 11:00
12-Nov C V E 11:00
12-Nov B BYE
19-Nov A V E 11:00
19-Nov D V B 11:00
19-Nov C BYE

Homecoming Parade September 30th. If you would like to march please meet at the firehouse at 6pm in uniform.

November 19th is awards

For additional information contact Cookie at (631)878-1696.


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    First team listed is HOME team. Home team wears white shirts.

  • Rules

    1. 9 minutes per quarter (four quarters per game)
    2. 4 v 4, substitute every 3 minutes
    3. Use a #3 ball
    4. No throw-ins (kick-in instead)
    5. No offsides
    6. All fouls are indirect kicks
    7. Use corner kicks
    8. Shin guards are mandatory
    9. No sliding tackles allowed
    10. All players get equal playing time!